Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Characteristics of Successful Persons

Before discussing further about some characteristics of successful persons, it is appropriate at this point to propose a definition of a successful person. In my opinion, a successful person is someone who can fulfill his/her life purpose, someone who can achieve his/her goals in life, someone who near the end of his/her life can say: "It is finished!"

After reviewing biographies of some successful individuals, I try to summarize some characteristics shared by these individuals. This list of characteristics is admittedly not exhaustive, rather focus only on a few most significant ones.

1. Confidence

Being confident means believing that you can do what you want to do, you can achieve what you want to achieve. Confidence is something that motivate people to do something. Some times it is called self-efficacy, the belief that the individual can do the works needed for their success in a certain job or task. Before starting any career or business or life projects, these individuals have confidence that they can achieve whatever goals they set in their lives.

Contrary to what most people may believe, it may not necessarily self-confidence, that is, confidence in yourself, that bring success. It may be confidence in the Higher Inteligence you may call God. We can cite lots of evidences of people who did not have lots of confidence in themselves, but achieve great things because they believe in God. Mother Theresa is one of such people.

Whatever or whoever you are confident in, you must believe that you can achieve the goals that you set for yourself. There are only few things that you cannot achieve if you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. There always be some doubts, but just move on. Every time you solve a problem and achieve a goal, however small, you streghten your self-confidence or your confidence in God.

2. Courage

Fear is the biggest obstacle in achieving any goal. Fear keep people from trying anything new. Fear keep people from taking the action. Without action, there will not be any result.

The biographies of successful individual show that these individuals were able to work through or conquer their fears. Some expert said that these individuals are not fearless. Rather they work through or conquer their fears every time they faced them.

You have to fight and conquer your fears. Make the move, and be ready to face challenges. Keep in mind that failure is never final nor fatal.

3. Caring

These individuals did not focus on themselves. They have compassion toward others. In many cases, their actions were motivated by their concern for others.

In addition they pay attention to people. They listen to their ideas, and attend to their needs.

4. Commitment

Successful people commit themselves in something they consider important. Some of them commit themselves to finding new knowledge or new medicines or new way to do something. Some of them commit themselves to helping others or keeping the environment safe. In short they focul their energy in the thing they commit to.

Life has its ups and downs. During the ups, it seems easy to navigate through life. But during the downs, where direction seems uncertain and storm tossing your ship severely, you may be tempted to give up. During those times, you will need commitment, the decision that you will keep following the course you have set out. Commitment will sustain you during the hard times.

5. Competence

The first thing you need to ask youself before embarking on a career or a business or a life project is: What am I good at? What skills do I want to develop?

We need to ask and answer these question, because it will lead to what career you want to take. You will want to start a career which you have competencies in. Competent people will always be able to find solution to problems.

6. Creativity or Inventiveness

Successful individuals seldom stuck on a poblem. They were able to find solutions to the problems they face. In trying to solve the problems they were facing, these inividual very often used unconventional ways. They did not let traditional beliefs and ways put limit to their actions.

Often these individuals tried new things, just to see if they work.

7. Curiosity

Many of these successul individuals develop a passion for learning. They learn continuously.

There is always new ways to do things more effectively. Try out new ideas and see if they work, but be prepared to accept if they fail, and learn from it too.